AOR-IP Command Unit Configuration

AOR-IP Command Unit (CU) Configuration

This document covers the basic configuration needed for any of the AOR-IP Command units. (AOR-IP-40-CU, AOR-IP-80-CU, AOR-IP-120-CU, AOR-IP-160-CU)

General Information

The AOR-IP command units ship pre-configured for up to 160 call station, one master station, and an Analog CO trunk line.

Factory IP address of the command unit is
Factory IP address of the Master station is
Factory Subnet Mask
For the suggested standalone ip scheme see the link below.

Factory Username for both devices is: admin
Factory Password for the Command Unit is Admin@123
Factory Password for the Master station is printed on the bottom of the device.

AOR-IP Command Unit Configuration

  1. To configure the AOR-IP Command Units connect a pc to the network ad configure with an unused IP in the subnet, such as
  2. Launch a browser and enter the IP address ( into the address bar, and press enter.

Figure 1. AOR-IP Command  Unit Login page
  1. Enter the Default credentials listed above to login.
  2. The names of the extensions will need to be changed to identify their location.  Click on Extension /Trunk to expand the menu, then Extensions .  (This can also be done via import of an excel spreadsheet.  See  AOR-IP Command unit Extension import  for instructions on importing the list of extension names.

Figure 2. AOR-IP Command Unit extension list
  1. Click the Edit Icon   next to the extension who's Name needs to be changed.

Figure 3. AOR-IP Command  Extension details page 
  1. Under  User Settings , click on the  First Name  field and enter the new name.  Then click the Save button.
  2. Repeat steps 4 through 7 until all names are changed.  Then click the  Apply button in the upper right.

Trunk Line Configuration

The default configuration of the AOR-IP-CU command unit will support up to four(4) analog trunk lines connected to fx01-fx04.

If a SIP-based trunk is being used, please contact Talkaphone support for further assistance.  A list of compatible SIP trunk services can be found at:

Configuring the Master Station

The Master station comes configured to support up to 160 call stations and configured to import the names of the call stations from the Command Unit.  Minimal configuration changes should bee needed to remove any buttons that are present for call stations that are not present.
Before configuring the Master station please connect all Extension Boards that are part of the system, or the information may not be displayed correctly during the configuration process.

To access the complete range of programming features on the Maser Station (GXV3350) a web browser must be used to login to the device.

  1. Enter the IP address of the master station into the address bar of web browser, Google Chrome is preferred by the manufacturer of the device.
  2. Enter the default user name of admin, and the password found on the bottom of the device.

Figure 4. AOR-IP Command Unit Master station Login page

  1. Once logged into the Master Station, click on the  Applications menu to expand the menu, and then click on Extension Boards .

Figure 5. AOR-IP Command Unit Master station Extension Boards page.
  1.  Each Extension Board supports two pages of 20 buttons each, and are configured to pull the Extension name from the Command Unit, however a value must be entered when configuring the buttons initially.  From the factory, this will be Station X.   This does not reflect the name that will be displayed on the button panel in this case, as it will come from the Command unit's configured name for the extension.
  2. To remove a station from the button panel, because it is not present, mark the checkmark(s) next to the station(s), then click the delete button.  The arrows below the list are used to access page two of each extension board, and tabs across the top allow access to each of the 4 possible extension boards, depending, on the size o f system that was purchased.
  3. To see the details of one of the buttons click on the Display Name field for that button.  In Figure 6, the details of button 20, currently configured as Station 20 are displayed.

Figure 6. AOR-IP Command Unit Master station Extension Boards button details.
  1. Once the changes have been completed, the new information should automatically sync to the connected panels.
  2. To prevent changes to the configuration via the touchscreen, click on the System Settings menu and then the Security Settings sub menu.
  3. Change the Configuration Via Keypad Menu to "Constraint Mode", and click save.

Figure 7. AOR-IP Command Unit Master station Security Settings.

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