AOR-IP-CSE Revision 1 Call station Configuration

AOR-IP-CSE Revision 1 Call station Configuration

This article assumes that the suggested default IP scheme for the AOR-IP series is being used.  The IP scheme can be found here .
This article is for the first version of the AOR-IP-CSE That is based on the PCB with P/N 68820, It has two network ports and is configured via a web browser.  Talkaphone switched to a different device after 8/2022.  The new device has only a single nic and is configured via a configuration utility.

Configuration Via Browser

Accessing the Call Station On the Default IP Address

The default IP address of the AOR-IP-CSE series call stations is
Username: admin
Password: admin@123
The default IP address of the AOR-IP-CSE overlaps with an IP address used in the recommended IP scheme.  It is advised to configure all of the AOR-IP-CSE series call stations before connecting to the final network.  If a station needs to be added or replaced, it is recommended that the IP address be changed before it is connected to the actual network.  Alternatively the Call station that uses the IP address can be disconnected from the network temporarily to allow the configuration of a new device

  1. Open a we browser and enter the default IP address into the address bar.
  2. When the Login Page appears select Secure Login or Unsecure Login , the difference in these two login methods is that the password is encrypted during transmission when the Secure Login  option is selected.

Figure 1 Station Web Login Page
  1. When the Login Box appears enter the default credentials, and click ok.
  1. Download and extract the provided Configurations from the link below.
  1. In the Web GUI for the AOR-IP-CSE navigate to Administration>Configuration Updates.
  2. Click on the Browse button and navigate to the extracted files, and the folder for the station you are configuring.  The station number corresponds to the last octet of the IP address.  Select ipst_config.xml  and click Open .
  3. Click on Upload
  4. Reboot the call station for the changes to take effect.

Manual Configuration

  1. Navigate to Configuration>Buttons.
  2. On the first line for Button 1 Call to, in the Options field select Numberlist 1 .
  3. Under Numberlist Settings, Ringliet 1, Value 1, Enter  "1000" as the destination phone number for the Command Unit phone, or 9<phone number> for an outside number.  If a secondary number is needed, enter that for Value 2 and continue for each additional number.
  4. The Ringer Timer at the bottom of the page, controls how many rings before it changes to the next number in the list or returns to the first.  5 seconds is approximately 1 ring.
  5. Click save.

Figure 2.  Buttons
  1. Click on SIP Settings .
  2. In Display Name enter a description of the location for this call station, in this example it is "Station 1".
  3. In Directory Number (SIP ID) enter the Extension for this call station, in this example it is "1001".  See the default IP Scheme for the extensions and IP addresses
  4. For the Primary SIP Server enter the IP address of the Command Unit, in the default configuration it is
  5. For Username enter the extension number, "1001" in this example. For the Password the default is "sip123".
  6. Click Save .

Figure 3.  SIP Settings
  1. Click on the Back to config page button.
  2. Click on IP Settings.
  3. Set the IP address according to the Default IP Scheme.
  4. Click on the Save Button. Then click Apply to allow the station to reboot.

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