AOR-IP Operating Instructions

AOR-IP Operating Instructions

AOR-IP Series Command Unit Operating Instructions

Master Telephone and Extension Button Panels

Station Buttons/Status Indicators

  1. Green LED light on an individual station button, indicates that that station is registered to the system, and not currently in use.  Also on the LCD panel next to the button, a silhouette is green.
  2. Red LED Light on individual station button indicates that that station is in use.  On the LCD panel the silhouette will be red and have a handset with arrow that will indicate if the call was incoming or outgoing in relation to the master station.

Answering Calls at the Master Station

  1. Wait for the Master Station to ring, and then lift the handset to answer the call.
  2. If multiple calls are coming in the first call will ring the handset and the additional calls will be displayed on the extension button panel as extensions in use.  When the first call is completed the next call will ring the Master Station.
  3. To disconnect the current call press the END button on the screen or hangup the handset.

Multiple Incoming Calls

When more then one call is received the additional calls with be listed on the left side of the touch screen.
  1. Press the green handset with up arrow icon to pickup the new call and place the current call on hold.
To place the existing call on hold and change to another call on hold:
  1. Press the hold button to place the current call on hold, and then press the blue semi circle with the handset and number of calls on hold.
  2. Select the extension that you would like to pickup.
To end the existing call and return to a call on hold:
  1. Pres the End button.
  2. Press the Unhold button.

Calling a location

Pickup the handset and press the station's LED status button on the expansion button modules.

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