Configuration for DataRemote CDS-9070 and ETP-500 Series Analog Call Stations

Configuration for DataRemote CDS-9070 and ETP-500 Series Analog Call Stations

Configuration for DataRemote\MetTel CDS-9070 and ETP-500 Series Analog Call Stations
Configuration Required on the DataRemote\MetTel CDS-9070

CPC:                 Enabled
CPC Delay:       10 seconds
CPC Duration:  1 second

Programming the ETP-500 series device

Call into the ETP-400.
Enter *4**, to access programming.
Enter *13*Primary number to dial#*.
If a second number is needed, enter *23*Secondary number to dial#*.
Enter *55*.
Set the number of rings as needed, enter *18*X* where X is the number of rings 3-9.  
If a recorded greeting is needed, enter *58*,  wait for a single tone to begin the recording, the unit will make a single tone again at the end of the recording.
Configure Auxiliary outputs as needed.
When completed with programming enter # to disconnect.

If you need additional assistance, please email us at or call 773-539-1100 and select Technical Support.

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