Configuring Axis Cameras for use with the AVM-1

Configuring the AVM-1 (GXV3275) to link the video stream of an Axis Camera to the inbound Caller ID

This document address the basic configuration of an Axis camera to have a video stream that is compatible with the AVM-1.  The screenshots in this document were taken from the M1025, but most Axis cameras have a similar interface.

Login to the axis camera
Default IP address, Or use the Axis tools to locate the camera and correct the IP.
username: root 
default password needs to be set during the first login.

There will be a prompt to Select the cylce rate for the AC power.
Select 60 hz for the United States or verify for other countries.

Under Basic Setup> users,  select the check box for "Enable anonymous viewer Login (no user name or password required)
click save.

Expand the Video Menu, and click on Stream Profiles, then the "Add" button.

Enter a Profile name and Description.
Select MJPEG from the "Video encoding" drop down box.
Select 320x240 from the "Resolution" drop down box.
Select 50 from the "Compression" drop down.
Limit the Frame rate 15 Frames per second.
Configure an Overlay to display an identifier if desired.
Click OK.

Click on the Basic Setup Menu, and then TCP/IP.
Set the IP information as desired.
Click Save.

When entering the information into the AVM-1 The video stream address is different than that referenced in the other guides linked below.
Video stream for Axis camera http://<camera_IP_Address>/mjpg/video.mjpg  This goes in Door system URL