ETP-CI-4G-V Cellular Service Information

ETP-CI-4G-V Cellular Service Information

*** Technical Bulletin #303 – April 12, 2021 ***


Subject:  Verizon Plans for Model ETP-CI-4G-V


Model(s) Affected:


                ETP-CI-4G-V       (cellular interface for the Verizon 4G LTE network)



When searching for plans to activate Model ETP-CI-4G-V, there are specific options and activation parameters that need to be specified by Verizon.  This bulletin outlines those options and parameters.


Model ETP-CI-4G-V is compatible with Verizon plans configured with specific options and activation parameters.  The cellular interface may not provide proper dial tone if the appropriate plan is not selected or activated.


Verizon has specified the following plan and activation requirements:

Machine-to-Machine Plans – Share Group 1 & 2, custom M2M plans require DACC codes to be built for the Janus POTSwap (please work with offer development).  GPO – use qualified M2M plans – Janus recommends 250MB plan for a traditional POTS replacement application.  Minutes will vary.

      Required SFO for Voice

81143 Access Advanced Calling

81186 Access HD Voice

81158 HD Voice

68872 Call Delivery

CRITICAL – Remove any voice blocks

      SIM Cards – micro-SIM (3FF)

This device is certified and listed on the Verizon Open Development Showcase as the Janus POTSwap – the listing can be found here:

For Verizon representatives only, should you have questions, please contact Tracee

Cook (Verizon Client Partner, IoT Resale Partnerships).



For any questions regarding this bulletin, please contact:


                            Phone:          773-539-1100, Option 2



Timeline and details are subject to change without notice.

The information in this document has been prepared by Talk-A-Phone, LLC and is intended as a general guideline for informational purposes only.  Talk-A-Phone, LLC does not represent the cellular carriers and the information contained within this document is subject to change without notice.  Please consult with your cellular provider for specific information tailored to your particular network status.