Programming ETP Analog Call Stations

BASIC Programming of Analog (ETP) Call Stations

What is the BASIC programming codes for the analog (ETP) devices?


What you will need:
  • Analog telephone or test-set to dial in access to the ETP device

The BASIC of QUICK programming for analog ETP devices is as follows:
Default Guard/Programming Access Code:
Dial:  *4** 

Program the mode: (*14*<1/2/3>*)
Dial: *4<MODE>*
  • 1 - Central Office (Phone Company TELCO line)
  • 2 - PBX w/Consolidator
  • 3 - PBX wOUT/Consolidator

Add Phone number to be called:
Dial: *13*<PHONE#>*

Complete Programming:
Dial:  # 

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