Update firmware on ETP-GSM HSPA910PS and ETP-CDMA-V EVDO910PS Cellular Adapters

Update firmware on ETP-GSM (HSPA910PS) and ETP-CDMA-V (EVDO910PS) Cellular Adapters

This article will cover the procedure to update the firmware on the ETP-GSM (HSPA910PS) and ETP-CDMA-V (EVDO910PS), using Teraterm.
Serial connection from PC to the device to be updated, using standard DB-9 serial cable.
Teraterm installed on the PC for terminal emulation and X-Modem file transfer.
12vdc Power supply to power the Cellular Adapter.
Download the latest firmware for your device:
      ETP-GSM (HSPA910PS

1.  Connect the serial cable to the cellular adapter and the PC.
2.  Launch the TeraTerm.
3.  Select the Serial button, and choose the correct serial port for your PC from the drop down list.

4.  Click OK.
5.  Open the Setup menu and Select Serial Port.
6.  Set the Speed to 115200, and leave the remainder at their defaults as shown.

7.  click OK.
8.  Wait for the device to boot, and display the lines outlined below.

9. Enter a "?" and press Enter.
10.   Enter "xmodem" and press enter.
11.  The prompt will change to "Waiting for XMODEM TRANSFER.." and C's will be added to the line below until the transfer is started. 

12.  Open the File Menu, and expand Transfer, then XMODEM, and then select Send...

13.  Choose the correct file, then click Open.

14.  Wait for the file transfer to finish, the terminal output will change to a periods.
15.  Power cycle the device and verify firmware version.

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