VOIP-500 and VOIP-600 Series InformaCast Integration Guide

VOIP-500 and VOIP-600 Series InformaCast Integration Guide

  1. Make sure that the InformaCast environment is setup per Singlewire's instructions and that the multicast functionality has been verified.
  2. With a VOIP-500, VOIP-600, WEBS-PA1, or WEBS-PA-2IP running firmware or later apply the InformaCast license key as received from Talkaphone.

  1. Once the device reboots, it should begin a conversation via SLP on the multicast address The InformaCast server will then respond directly to complete the conversation.

  1. At that point depending on how the InformaCast server is configured, the device will either show up as a new device available to be added or will be auto added.
  2. If it is not auto added it will show up under speakers that a new device has been detected.
  3. Once that is completed and the device is available in Singlewire.
  4. Depending on what device and what it is connected to, you will need to make changes on the Talkaphone IP Call Station or Paging Devices under VOIP > Paging settings, to select the appropriate audio output, and trigger the Auxiliary Outputs(to turn on an amplifier or trigger the strobe light).

  1. When a notification is sent it will be using another multicast IP address that is configurable in InformaCast.

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